Evaluation of in-service training specialization courses in terms of religious education

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish




This study was made about İstanbul Pendik Haseki (20 January 1976), Konya Selçuk (26 October 1989), Trabzon Akçaabat Darıca (30 October 2000), Erzurum M. Nuri Yılmaz (07 February 2000) ve Kayseri Education Centers (07 October 2002) which are organized as the course of specialization in The Presidency of Religious Affairs. The education centers which are not organized as the course of specialization were excepted from this study. The members of these courses are chosen by examination from personnels of The Presidency of Religious Affairs, who are gratuated from the Faculty of Theology, to courses of specialization. Chosen members take a course for 30 months and than they are employed as a mufti or preacher. In the first nine months, the members of these courses take lessons of the Quran and Arabic. At the lessons of Quran they are educated in reading, memorizing and meaning of Quran. In Arabic grammer, speaking and structures of words are taken up intensively. The level gotten in the term of preparations makes base of lessons whice are taken in the term of specialization from written source of information in Arabic. By the way, in the term of specialization the members of these courses take lessons of Hadidth, Interpretation, Fiqh and Utterance. The aim of this study is to notice the importance of the courses of specialization and to take attention the problems which appear from the beginning to end of the course and to offer solutions about these problems. In the study we precedencely take up the necessity of these courses and it is understood from this search that these cources are extremely necessary.It is also understood that well-education is trained in these courses however it is searchedthat how to get beter the education systems and what to do.It is also established that there is the deficiency in systematic teaching and application.The suggestions for the solutions of problems are offered in consequence in direction of questionnaire text. This study is the third search about these courses.When this study is evaluated with former studies, we think that it is extremely beneficial and contributes to reorganize about these cources.