Modeling metod of the fire safety provision and smoke control in health care buildings

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013

Thesis Language: Turkish




Likelihood of a fires in hospitals are in the average level compared to industrial plants, etc. However, in hospitals, during the evacuations lots of troubles are faced , thus too many lives are lost due to the smoke poisoning. For this reason, fire safety measures have to be taken more specificly than the other structures. Lack of sufficient regulations about that subject, have not been taken anough active and passive precautions in hospitals, and can not be offered specific solution in order to ensure safe environmental conditions and evacuation with gurney; reveal a lack of Failure in this regard. In the matter of analyzing the previous fires, environmental conditions during the evacuations are observed to dominate the security criteria. As a result of this, the fact that the range of visibility falls below one meter which makes impossible to perceive the emergency exits, cause life losses suffered from smoke poisoning. Content of this thesis involves solutions for those problems, basic requirements for means of egress and safe space designs. In addition, interaction between fuel and ignition sources that causes fires, is tried to get under control, and in these places specific requirements are defined for blocking the formation or progression of fires. Further, Spaces in which the possibility of fire risk is high are tried to be limited the spread of fire. The main reason for the losses is poisoning which is caused by smoke from burning materials. For this reason, basic precautions should be taken in case of fire in buildings in order to protect users from harmful effects of smoke. For this purpose, in a clinic patient room which is situated in "Uludag University Practice and Research Hospital," fire scenario has been examined for 900 seconds in order to discover the effects of temperature changes that have occurred on the basis of materials which was held by Phoneics Flair cfd software analyzing program. By this way, negative effects of increasing temperature and smoke on patients, determination of visibility distance and precautions about that issues can be obtained by this program. In addition to this, on the subject of testing the efficiency of the chosen smoke evacuation system and analysing of environmental conditions that occur after taking measures are both provide benefits. In Line with this results, measures and steps were determined about this issue for new and existing hospitals, hereat fire safety hospital model has been developed and the steps were determined.