Yabancı dil öğretiminde ders kitabı değerlendirmesi: Spot on, grade 8 öğretmen ve öğrenci görüşleri

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2012

Thesis Language: English




Textbook use is an important factor and constituent of English Language teaching instruction in Turkey. In a great number of state schools, teachers tend to view these books as their main tools for the language teaching. Selecting suitable textbooks thus becomes more and more important. Taking this tendency into consideration, this study makes an attempt to evaluate an English textbook, Spot On 8, used in state primary schools in Turkey, with respect to general criterion in terms of layout and physical makeup, activities, skills, language type, subject and content, vocabulary and structure and general opinions.The study was conducted with a total of 195 participants, of whom were 95 English teachers and 100 eighth grade students. In order to gather data about students and teachers attitudes on Spot On 8, two data collection instruments were used in this study: A teacher questionnaire and a student questionnaire. The questionnaires were consisted of Likert-scale items.The findings suggest that the teacher participants have more negative attitudes towards the textbook they have been using. However, student participants seem to be more positive and neutral to the textbook they use. The questionnaire results show that teacher and student participants fall a part in most of the points and that student participants seem to be not sure about most of the items. Consequently, the results of the research seem to indicate that the textbook stands out with its shortcomings more on the whole and it cannot be wholeheartedly recommended