Al-Akhfash al-Awsat and his place in the Arabic grammar through his book Maani̇'l-Quran

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014

Thesis Language: Turkish




The subject of this study is examined al-Akhfash's Maani'l-Quran which is one of the first examples of linguistic commentary and one of the nahivs of Quran having important notions about Arabic Language and Rhetoric from a linguistic perspective. Besides, it is to point out that how al-Akhfash and his study have an important role in the development of Arabic language. It needs to express the subjects in this study that this study consists of an introduction and two main sections. In the introduction, it is given some information about the birth and development of Nahiv and the famous school in Arabic Language. Besides, the impact of al-Akhfash on the schools of Basra and Kufe is examined. In the first section, the life of al-Ahfesh - his student years, his masters, his students, his studies, his scientific aspect etc. - is investigated. Some information is given about figures who were impression on al-Akhfash and those who were impressed by al-Akhfash. In the second section, al-Akhfash's study named Maani'l-Quran which is the main objective of the thesis are examined. The subjects such as why this work were written, the method in this work and the content of the work are discussed. Especially, his views in Maani'l-Quran about Nahiv and Sarf (Grammar) are determined with examples. In some controversial issues, al-Akhfash's views are compared by applying the basic ideas of the schools of Basra and Kufa. In addition, difference ideas between al-Akhfash and el Ferra in the same topics are tried to manifest by referring to Meani'l-Quran from el Ferra who lived in the same century. The study ends with conclusions and bibliography.