Shathiyye in early sufism

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014

Thesis Language: Turkish




This thesis, which is under the title of "Shathiyye in Early Sûfism", consists of 3 chapters. In the introduction, the topic and procedure of our study were shortly examined. The description of Shathiyye and its analysis were given a place in the first chapter of the thesis. We also adduced the lives of sûfis who sing Shathiyye taking place in "El- luma" by Sarradj, and their shathiyyes. We examined the relationship between shathiyye and telvin and temkin in the second chapter. After that, we associated them to the concept "Vecd". We examined the shathiyye in the sign language which we consider as the epiphany of the reality. In the last part of the thesis, according to the shathiyye classification, we sectioned the shathiyyes taking place in "El- luma" by Sarradj. We can see the meanings of shathiyyes in the letters by Cüneydi Bağdadi and so we also adduced his words.