“KUZKA” as an agency of development in terms of regional development

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish




The objective of paper is to find out what impacts the agency covering the region TR82 has got and bring solutions to issues if there are any. It is also among the objectives to assign the point of views of locals to the agency. At this point it has been covered that when agencies of development have apperad and how much progress they have made by means of corporate purposes. Within the governing law the general features of agencies of development in Turkey have been given place into the thesis by degrading the issue privately. Besides that the organizational structure of KUZKA and the consolidation by the units have been presented on the thesis by taking advantage of agency’s own data base.It has been endeavoured to form opinions about what effects agencies of development make to the areas where they have been by presenting some knowledge about the regional activities of KUZKA . In conclusion there has been a survey study to measure both the point of view to KUZKA and entities and institutions that interact with it. What has been observed by local nonmigratories during data analysis at the end of the survey is migration of young population, insufficiencies of background and cultural acitivities, inadequecies of vocational education and project writing and also insufficiencies of financial sources that have been brought no solutions by not making any progress. It is necessary to establish a unit that facilitates coordination to play an active role (or another to replace each other) between the agency and regional nonmigratories that have been placed by the development agency which has stopped the activities to bring solutions to current issues. . Besides that it will be determinant to assign supported projects that cater mostly local needs for regional development.