Ā'isha al-Bāūniyya her life and poetry

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish




Āisha al-Bāūniyya is an important female poet who lived in fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Her cognomens are Bāūniyya in relation to her origin, Bāūn, and Dimashqī in relation to her place of birth, Dimashq. Al-Bāūniyya wrote many works. Although some of them were stolen or lost, most of them exist today. Among her extant works are Fayd al-Fadl wa Jam' al-Shaml, al-Qawl al-Ṣahīh fī Tahmis Burda al-Madīh and Badī'iyya al-Bāūniyya wa Sharhuhā al-Fath al-Mubīn fī Madh al-Emīn. al-Bāūniyya's dīwān (collected poems), Fayd al-Fadl wa Jam' al-Shaml, subject of this research, comprises of meters, such as muwashshah dūbayt, zajal and muwaliyyā which are proper to be composed. There are some reasons that directed her to prefer this kind of meter. Among them, her mystic character and the qualification of this kind of poem that can be song like hymn by sufis can be said. Al-Bāūniyya included some topics of classical Arabic poetry, like madih, hanin, wasf, fahr, tasawwuf and hikma in her poems which have rich content appropriate to be analyzed in further studies.