Generating the land information system of Uludag University Agriculture Faculty Agricultural Experiment and Research Center (AFAERC-LIS)

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014

Thesis Language: Turkish




Developing the land database system of Uludağ University Agriculture Faculty Agricultural Experiment and Research Center (AF-AERC) via using the remote sensing and geographic information systems, providing the ability of updating same data fields in following years and easing up verification and evaluation and compassion of perennial data are main objectives of the study. For this aim, the scope of work, the current land cover / land use map, soil series map, digital elevation model, slope map and database of the AF-AERC have been created with the attribute table. With using the method of screen digitizing, boundaries of land cover/land use types from satellite image of Worldview and colored digital aerial photographs has digitized thus detecting the current land usage based on area and updating attribute data belongs to each of mapping unites has became available. Formation the data represents production pattern and yield information with the realized experiments belongs to previous years has been completed. Soil maps and digital elevation model maps were produced by the digitizing and clipping procedure from previously produced soil maps and contour lines of ortho-photo maps of the U.U. campus area. In addition, statistical information of the produced maps has been gathered from attributes tables for the AF-AERC's areas using by table and map calculation tools of ArcGIS program. At the end of research, the coverage of the AF-AERC lands were determined as 3145 da of land and it was also determined that the most common land use types were agricultural land parcels with the rate of 72.5% and an area of 2279.0 acres. In addition, it was found to be as 28.5% (895.5 decare) of lands of the AF-AERC consisted by the Çiftlik series soils and followed by soils of Açma series (14.2% and 444.9 decare) and Taşköprü series (12.0%, 377.7 decare), respectively. Studies, showed that lands of AF-AERC lies on the areas of having height between 54.6 and 143.9 amsl. and also showed that flat–nearly flat areas were covered 60.6 % ( 1925.5 decare) of the AF-AERC areas.