Al-azd tribe on political issues from the beginning to the end of the Umayyads

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish




Al-Azd is one of the largest and most important tribes of Arabian tribes. Azd, belonging to Kahlan branch of Southern Arabs, consist of many sub-branchs such as Ghassanids, Aws, Khazraj, Bariq, Khuza'a, Aslam and Daws. In the ancient times, they inhabited Ma'rib in Yemen. When the Ma'rib Dam collapsed, a large number of the Azd tribe left Yemen and migrated in many directions, among them are Hijaz, Oman and Syria. Due to the size, it has an important role in Arabian Peninsula. Thus after conversion of Aws and Khazraj tribes into Islam and the hagira of the Prophet Muhammad to Yathrib, the advent of Islam were accelerated. They contributed to Islamic conquests during the Rightly Guided Caliphate period and had important place in the state administration of the Umayyad Dynasty.