The opinions of pre-school teachers related to the value education and the reflection of those opinions on in-class practices

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2015

Thesis Language: Turkish




The aim of this study is to determine the preschool teachers' thoughts, related to the values, who didn't get values education at university and to examine the reflection of the teachers' thoughts to the practices in the classroom.Sample of the research consists of 50 preschool teachers, chosen using aimed sampling way and working in the towns of Bursa (Nilüfer, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Gürsu and Kestel) in 2013-2014 school year. Case study, one of the qualitative research method, was used as research method. For this purpose, having half configured interviews with 50 taechers, the teachers' thoughts on various theme related to the education of values and preschool values were determined. In order to examine the current situation deeply, classroom practices of two teachers, chosen as extreme between 50 teachers, were tried to be determined with observation way during 25 hours in terms of values education. The consistency between thoughts and practices on values education of those two taechers was examined. Being tried to be defined the differences between practices of those two teachers who graduated from the same university and had the same seniority, and the reasons of those differences, what kind of factors can be effective on being a constructivist teacher of a traditional teacher and its role on reflecting to the practices in the classroom were tried to be established. In the study, conversion factor between encoder and variations used in order to supply the reliability and validity in situation studyings was used. According to the findings obtained at the end of the research, it is concluded that preschool teachars want to teach the values in philanthropy and universalized categories, they are forced while teaching the values in this category, and preschool teachers think that the values mostly in these two categories improved between students The observation results also support that. It was seen that teachers used mostly planning activity, preparing material at the planning phase, method and technique and equipment usage at the implementation phase, observation, question and answer methods at the evaluation phase. Teachers had mostly used student-centered method as drama and play, teacher-centered method as story and expression, written materials as story books and visual materials. Most of the preschool teachers think that values education they applied are permanent. According to the preschool teachers, family affects the permanency of values education. Most of the preschool teachers have got the problems as not to find material and activity related to the learning- teaching process. When the observation results were examined, ıt was seen that a taecher close to traditional approach was closed to career development, and used teaher- centered practices, occured judgmental classroom environment, but a teacher close to constructivist approach used mostly student-centered practices, treated students equally, followed the innovations, and apply them in the classroom.