Abû Ubayd Al-Qâsim b. sallâm and his hadithions

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish




Hijri 2nd and 3rd are the significant episodes for the Science of Hadith. The Islamic sciences formed at that time and also many developments occurred in the science of hadith with the sub-branches. It is supposed that this period mentioned has been subjected to several investigations and continued to draw interest. In this study, it is tried to discuss Ebû Ubeyd el-Kâsım b. Sellâm (d. 224/838) who was a popular linguist lived in that period and his traditionist career as well. Firstly, the general information about the environment he lived, his life and intellectual personality is given in this study. Later on, it is presented in this study that the importance attached to hadith/sunna by Ebû Ubeyd who can be accepted as one of the representatives of ehl-i hadith intellectuals. Since he was not a regular traditionist, he and his works fictionalized by rumors are analyzed regarding hadith technique. It is laid emphasis on hadith transfer method; the hadith adequacy of a linguist and his contribution to usul-i hadith are discussed as well. The hadith criticism activities of Ebû Ubeyd who had the parallel approaches with the available scientific environment without an exceptional character is discussed and also it is observed that he mostly engaged in wordings due to being him a linguist. It can be pointed out that Ebû Ubeyd who was known as Garîbu'l-hadîs/linguist discontented with just one field and had a voice in various disciplines mainly made a bit for transferring the wordings of the hadiths without being falsified.