Analysis of Necîb Mahfûz's Melhametu'l-Harâfîş novel in terms of form and content

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Bursa Uludağ University, SOSYAL BİLİMLER ENSTİTÜSÜ, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Ramazan Aslan



A governance based on equality and justice is a right that all societies expect from their rulers. Because a society's political, social, economic and cultural efforts to obtain the position among the countries of the world can be achieved only on the basis of justice and equality. All these desires and hopes, which cannot be completely put into practice from the first periods of history to the present day, begin to take their place as an important theme in literary genres such as fairy tales, epics, stories and novels. In this context, with reference to "Melhametu'l-Harâfîş", which is one of the social and philosophical works of the leading novelist of Arabic literature, Necîb Mahfûz, we try to examine the author's style as a novelist from a technical point of view and to reveal the social portrait of Egyptian society within the framework of abovementioned information. In our study, after analyzing Mahfuz's life, his style as a novelist and his works, we emphasize the characters and literary aspects of the novel called "Melhametu'l-Harâfîş" which is the main subject of our thesis. Then, the similarities between this novel and another called "Evlâdu Hâratinâ" which is also fictionalized around the same subject, are discussed through detailed analysis. The literary aspect of the author is examined by analyzing in detail the plot, characters, themes, time, place, language, style and narration techniques of the novel.