Fire safety problem in Bursa Grand Bazaar and necessary structural precautions

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2004

Thesis Language: Turkish




The protection of life and goods from fire can only be provided by the people and foundations that are in charge of fire protection. Especially the cooperation between architects, fire-brigaded and insurance companies are very important. For this reason; legal rules, standarts, improvements of fire insurance should be improved and architects, architect candidates and the community should be informed. Our country, does not put emphasise on fire protected structures, industrial sectors are much more informed than the consumers about the fire protection. investments which are made for fire protection seems to be an extra investment eventhough they are the standarts that must be made and these costs are lower than the first investment of the building when they are compared together. On the other hand wrong behaviours cause much more unnecessary costs. If the fire security precautions are not taken in historical buildings, disasters can cause destructions where there's no turning back. The fire risk which has been increasing for the last decade threats the presence of Bursa Kapalıçarşı and it's closer location. However, this historical surrounding carries different variations of functions. Kapalıçarşı is not only important for its region also for the city which serves to many people with its touristic cultural and commercial properties. For this reason, the fire risk in a place like Kapalıçarşı must be examined very carefully. İn this study, the fire risk in Bursa Kapalıçarşı is examined by the view of an architect. For this reason, the first concept "fire safety concept" and some general knowledges about fire are described with examples. The description and observation of the area is made by an architect's vision. The factors that cause the risk are defined, enquiry is made and structural architectural solutions are adviced.