Jean Baudrillard and postmodernism

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish




We live in an period that everything is ubiquitous, the information is not measured with meqabayt instead of page, when people consume without producing, when made specific reality to mobile phones and computers rather than the people's dialogue. Lost reality under the bombardment of information technology and mass media is losing its meaning a little more every day. Postmodernism can be classified a critical subject of epistemology and ontology to remain in the background, has deeply affected society and thought. With the postmodern period, science, culture, history, literature, cinema, architecture, philosophy and so on. areas have undergone a lot of change and transformation and philosophically in the 1970s after a variety of discussion is made on whether entered a new era. Baudrillard emerges as a practitioner of postmodern Although not started those discussions. Baudrillard, to understand the world in which he lived as a French philosopher and respected a lot of thought to explain again and has managed to become a figure widely criticized. Thought that is close to Marxism in the early years of his life, after he set up his own system of philosophy and the has left legacy to world of philosophy its concept of "Simulacra and Simulations". In our thesis firstly, we have addressed to the basic concepts that offers us an opportunity to understand itself and having a great importance in Baudrillard's thought in our opinion. Later on, have been mentioned the nature of postmodernism, what they refer to it as the main characters and what areas and ideas are seen as postmodern thinkers in order to understand the dilemma Baudrillard and postmodernism. Our thesis is not that because postmodernism archeology, explanations relevant to postmodernism given to it as clearly as, due to the presence of postmodernism it is not something that can be understood easily.