A sociological analysis of Bektashi beliefs and rituals in Albania

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Turkey

Approval Date: 2015

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: AVNI LALA

Supervisor: Vejdi Bilgin


The investigated subject on this dissertation is a sociological analysis ofbeliefs and rituals of Bektashism in Albania. This academic study focuses on the establishment and development of the Bektashies through out history and after analyzed its transformations especially in Albania. After the Second World War with communism taking over the country, Bektashism among many problems faced with the danger of inability preservings tradition. Within this context the investigation focuses on the World Bektashies Centre and so the Bektashies tradition whether it is inherited as same as it was before communism regime. Both development of Bektashies and its various branches analizying of its came through transformation has been used interpretive sociology method. Besides introduction, result and evalutaion, this study consists of three main chapters. The first chapter of this study deals broadly with different definions regarding Bektashism by briefly mentioning the sect's basic components and the reasons for the emergence of religious formations in general and Bektashism in particular. In the second chapter of this dissertation will be investigated the expansion of Bektashism in Albania, its geographical distribution, places where Bektashi's tekkes took root and has investigated the split of Bektashism in different branches and what are the reasons behind it. The third chapter, which is the essential part of this study, the investigation has focusedon nowadays Albanian Bektashies organization, itsbeliefs and rituals. Within this context in this study has investigated the powerful hierarchy of Bektashies, It has made a typology of Bektashi's clergymen relating to their proficiency, attitudes, behaviours, and set forward eclectic/syncretic structure of the Bektashi's beliefs, has investigated the attitude and behaviours of Bektashies between formal Islamic worships and belong to their rituals, has discussed symbolism and pilgrimage subject which is very important in Bektashism.