Flora of Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancik districts in Bursa province

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Bursa Uludağ University, FEN BİLİMLERİ ENSTİTÜSÜ, Turkey

Approval Date: 2017

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Gülşah Bağçıvan



This study consists of the Flora of the Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık districts that are located in the south of Bursa province. During the study, 4200 plant specimens have been collected from 259 different stations in the research area between 10.05.2011 and 25.09.2017. At the end of study, 910 taxa (625 species, 203 subspecies, 80 varieties and 2 hybrids) belonging to 405 genera and 88 families have been determined. The distribution of total taxa according to division, subdivision and classic is as follows: 14 taxa in Pteridophyta division, 896 taxa in Spermatophyta division, 8 taxa in Pinophytina subdivision, 888 taxa in Magnoliophyta subdivision, 748 taxa in Magnoliopsida and 140 taxa in Liliopsida classis. The distribution of the taxa according to the phytogeographical regions and their rates are as follows; Mediterranean elements 183 (20,1%), Euro-Siberian elements 95 (10,44%), Irano-Turanian elements 43 (4,73%) and multiregional or unknown originated 590 (64,84 %). The number of endemic taxa is 81 and the rate of endemism is 8,9 %. The largest families are respectively, Asteraceae (116), Fabaceae (85), Poaceae (61), Lamiaceae (58), Caryophyllaceae (50), and Brassicaceae (48). The genera containing highest number of taxa are Trifolium (25 taxa), Verbascum (15 taxa), Veronica, Galium (14 taxa), Alyssum, Centaurea (13 taxa), Vicia, Hypericum (12 taxa) and Euphorbia (10 taxa ). During the study, a new species of the genus Lathyrus L. has been described and prepared in order to be introduced the world science.