The harmonization of the fruit and vegetable sector of Bursa to European Union in the frame of common agriculture policy and common market organizations

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Uludağ Üniversitesi, Turkey

Approval Date: 2014

Thesis Language: Turkish




The Common Agricultural Policy which is one of the most fundamental policy of European Union is arisen in establisment phase of the Union. The Common Agricultural Policy is based on creating a common market, ensuring food security, providing stable imcome opportunity to farmers and external protection aganist third countries for member states of the Union. In the first years of the Union, the policy struggled aganist a lack of food supply nevertheless in the period of over fifty years the policy had been transformed from supporting quantity to quality. Which is one of the most important tools of Common Agricultural Policy is Common Market Organizations as well as it undertakes a significant role in transmission the principle of creating single common market into practice. 21 piece product/product group is dependent on the organization and the organization provides basis for these products. Contents and functions of these organizations had undergone several alternations with both changes of each organization in itself also on framework of Common Agriculture Policy reforms. In terms of the most comprehensive area of European Union, the Common Agricural Policy has a great importance in the harmonization of Turkey to European Union. To comply with all details of the policy is a long process; therefore harmonization to Common Market Organizations is an important step for Turkey's accession process to European Union. In this study, from among 21 piece product/product group, fruit and vegetable is chosen and examined. Harmonization to fruit vegetable Common Market Organization become more of an issue because there is intensive exports from Turkey to the European Union. Turkey is one of the top five external supplier countries in the EUfruit and vegetable market. In this study, the harmonization to fruit vegetable Common Market Organization of Turkey is reviewed in case of Bursa. Bursa exports approximetely 80% of fruit and vegetable to member counties of the European Union; hence it is appropriate for this study. The aim of this study is to make a study about fruit and vegetable which are dependent on Common Market Organization and Common Agricultural Policy. Compliance of Bursa is analyzed according to secondary datas and the semi-structured interview technique.